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Longevity Lifestyle Plan

The information contained below is a brief and quick overview of what is involved in my Longevity Lifestyle Plan.

This programme has 3 phases; a 7-10 day detox and a 21 day normal eating maintenance program & intermittent fasting. 
The detox consists of a high protein plan mixed with allowable green vegetables and other low sugar foods. This stripes away the bloating and water retention that can be confused as fat deposits in our adipose tissue.

The Longevity Lifestyle Plan will not only guarantee you weight loss but will make you realise how food affects your mood and social interaction by the macronutrients ingested thoughout the plan. It is also a re-education about what causes weight gain and how to keep it off.

After this period you will fill out a questionnaire to help put you into 3 categories. After we find out what group you are in in terms of protein to carb ratio you will embark upon a 3 week normal eating plan based upon your the questionnaire results.
The program will give the knowledge of what combinations of foods give you lasting energy and clarity and how to avoid the ‘energy slump’ during the day.
It will also keep your immune system healthier, defend against degenerative diseases and not to mention help control your weight.This diet helps educate people about food and isn’t a quick weight loss tool. It really is a lifestyle.

If you would like to proceed with normalising your weight and starting an eating plan that is individualised for you, then please. let me know.

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