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Personal Training in West London

If you want a Personal Training in the West London area then look no further than the Kettlebellunion. We deliver Personal Training in West London and in all London boroughs.

Personal Training West LondonPersonal Training is a highly effective ‘tried and tested’ method of getting fitter and stronger faster. FACT.
Nothing compares to having individual instruction from a qualified personal trainer to get to your goals faster.

Our Kettlebell Personal Training in West London is so effective that our clients have given up the gym altogether. They now work with kettlebells exclusively, giving them accelerated strength, fast sustainable weight loss and superior cardio capacity.

Want to Lose 7lb in 7 Days?

Alvina did (picture right) and you could too. Join the Kettlebellunion and become a success story

The results from personal training with kettlebells are staggering. Check out our Before & Afters page and see what Kettlebells can do for you!

Personal Training West London

Here’s why Kettlebell Personal Training works

Very simply a Kettlebell is essentially a weight and when you workout with weights the body has no option but to adapt to this new level of stress. Research has shown that working with weights is far more effective at getting results than just cardio alone.

Basically, you have to stimulate the muscles enough in get them to increase lean tissue growth. This then stimulates the metabolism to burn more fuel; i.e FAT. You simply will not get this with cardio training.

The very nature of Kettlebell Personal Training incorporates both Resistance and cardio training. This is why they are the prefered choice of many trainers, clients and athletes. Its 100% more effective than most exercise equipment.

Stop Wasting Time.

Its true, you can get a FAT crunching workout in 5min. It will normally take the average gym goer 45min to achieve the same intensity on a treadmill. The humble snatch and swing will tax your cardiovascular system to the absolute max. It will have you breathing heavily as if you have just done a 100m sprint!!

Cancel Your Gym Memebership

Stop Wasting Money. The effectiveness of kettlebell training will save you so much money. Once you have learned all the foundation exercises and purchased your own kettlebell you won’t need that gym membership. You can do workouts that are 5,10, even 30min in length in any space you have and still get the same of effects of working out for hours. This saves valuable time we know is important to you.

Get Results Like These Over Night

Signing up to Personal Training WILL get you the results you want. You will feel the effects after the very 1st session. There is no other training quite like it that will help you target and achieve your goals more efficiently. Saving time and money.

You can get a workout 10 times more effective than using these out of date equipment. What is it? Kettlebell swings. If you’ve tried it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you better start now. Learn proper technique and sign up to our Kettlebell Personal Training Programmes or come along to our Kettlebell Courses to find out how Kettlebells can benefit your life.

Personal Training West London

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