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Personal Training in Guildford

Personal Training in Guildford

The Kettlebellunion is now offering personal training in Guildford.

Personal Training Guildford

Good News! Our trainers are now in Surrey, Farnham & Godalming offering the best personal training experience in Guildford.

Success stories

These are our success stories below. View more like these in our Before & After page. If you want these results, employing one of our trainers and will certainly improve the way you look and feel forever. Contact us today.

This could be YOU in 7 days!

Tired of being overweight? We have the secrets of fast but sustainable weight loss. Kettlebell training is well known for melting fat fast. This combined with our successful nutritional weight loss program WILL get you these results in 7 days.

personal training guildfordPersonal Training in Guildford

What We Offer

We specialise in Kettlebell Conditioning. This means we train all our clients with Kettlebells and bodyweight exercises for maximum results. These 2 combined methods are all you need for increasing superior strength and reducing body fat significantly. This tried and tested way of training is proven to increase success rates and save valuable time and money!

Qualified Trainers

All our Kettlebell Instructors are all highly qualified, motivated and know exactly what they are talking about.

We stand by our performance and will get you into the best shape of your life. We will increase your strength, flexibility and reduce any pain you maybe experiencing due to injuries or from mobility issues. We ask for only one thing, that you sign up with INTENT.

Kettlebells are an aggressive form of training that give you results over night!

Seriously, they work. If you have never tried kettlebells before or have never had a Personal Training session you will not be disappointed.

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