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Personal Training in Chelsea & Notting Hill

Personal Training in Notting Hill

We’ve arrived in Chelsea & Notting Hill

If you live in the west London you will be pleased to know we have trainers now working in this area.
We offer Personal Training in Chelsea and Notting Hill and probably have a trainer working in your Street.

 Kettlebell Training in West London is fast becoming the method of choice for the time restricted. It’s also great for those that want a high intensity workout that get RESULTS.

Personal Training in ChelseaResults

All of our clients improve their bodies. This maybe reducing their body fat % my a significant amount, ( see Before & Afters page ) increasing lean muscle mass and improving their flexibility.

Half Your Workout Time

If you hardly have enough time to get to the gym or workout at all, kettlebells are for you. Why? Because of there unique design. The size of the kettlebell is small enough to be moved quickly around the body and pressed over head. This speed and power generation is where the workout comes from. Move powerfully and quickly you will half the time you already spend training and get some amazing gains in the process.

Move Pain Free

Kettlebells have an amazing reputation for body transformation. They also are great for improving the range of motion of joints and have a specific role in rehabilitating the body from injury. The techniques learned from our training programme will improve the strength of tendons, help joint positioning and improve your posture. This will ease stress on the joints help increase there range and significantly reduce pain.


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