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Our Kettlebell Training System

Kettlebell Training System

How We Train You

Our training pyramid is the very foundation of our personal training sessions. We call this our ‘Degrees of Importance’ and believe this is the forumla to happier, healthier, stronger and injury free clients.

Degrees of Importance

With over 10 years of training clients we believe that these 3 stages are of the upmost importance when working with our clients. We design a program that is specific to you and works with your body using these key stages. The image below is a good representation of our personal training programs and should contain

  1. Mind
  2. Performance & MovementKettlebellunion Training System
  3. Flexibility & Strength
  4. Body hardening & Weight loss

Mind – Is the very centre of or training philosophy. If you dont have strength of mind then succeeding in what ever you want to achieve will fail. We help keep you focused and interested. The kettlebell will train your resilience and staying power.

Movement & Performance – This is key when starting a new client. It will help you move pain free preventing injury and keeps you healthier for longer. Without it none of which follows could be achieved.

Flexibility & Strength – Healthy joints will require a good range of motion through flexibility and require strengthening. All of this can be achieved with regular personal training. Resistance training with kettlebells are well known for improving these 2 important aspects of our programme.

Body hardening & Weightloss – People are surprised to see this at the bottom of the list. This is the easy bit. With our expert advise these two popular but important requests can be achieved in no time at all. It just requires commitment and regular practice.

These stages will be an on going part of your training with us. Whilst working on these we will be helping you master the Kettlebell techniques and helping you to become as strong and as healthy as possible.

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