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20 Free Workouts

20 FREE Kettlebell Workouts

If you really want to get strong and burn an enormous amount of fat in a short period of time then you should base all your kettlebell workouts around 4 basic movements. Lets begin with the most fundamental and possibly the single most effective fat burner of them all, the Swing. Try this sequence one after the other with no rest:

  • Swing (Double handed) – 60sec
  • Rock Bottom Squats x 20
  • Rest 2 minutes, repeat 3-5 times

If you can’t make the full 1 minute then either reduce the weight of the kettlebell or reduce the amount of time and work up to a full 1 minute. When you can manage this with ease change to the one handed swing and perform 1 minute on each arm before doing the press ups. These 2 exercises will work the whole body very hard and give you an amazing workout in around 10-15 minutes.