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Paul Fallows Kettlebellunion Director

Paul Fallows

KBU, RKC & SFG II Kettlebell Instructor. British Weightlifting Coach Level 1. Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer

Paul founded the kettlebellunion in 2007 after passing his RKC I certificate. “I saw the need to bring well taught kettlebell instruction to the UK. My approach is simple, Technique is everything. If you aren’t taught by the best how can you be the best at what you do?”

My 10 year knowledge of kettlebell training is extensive. I’ve trained with the best in the kettlebell industry, namely; Pavel, Steve Cotter, Brett Jones, Kenneth Jay & David Whitely. I took the very best drills and techniques and created my own Kettlebell Company the Kettlebellunion that promotes kettlebell excellence.

I run my own kettlebell courses and workshops for many years and have coached celebrities and hundreds of the public. I qualified as an RKC I in 2007 and RKC II In 2009 and have assisted the RKC workshops ever since, helping the newbies get through the level I certs I am also a SFG Level II Instructor.

The split of Pavel and Dragondoor in December 2012 has created a divide in the Kettlebell community. This is a good thing by refreshing the certificates and bringing new life into both organisations. The future is exciting and bright for the kettlebell industry and we look forward to seeing what Pavel and the Strongfirst team have to offer.


Sarah Brendlor Kettlebell Trainer

Sarah Brendlor

Sarah is a KBU & RKC Kettlebell Instructor qualified. Sarah is one of only a handful of female Krav Maga Global certified instructors in the UK, and the only one teaching in London.

Self defence is Sarah’s main passion. She combines her kettlebell instructor knowledge with this Israeli special forces fighting technique known as Krav Maga and as a result has come up with a unique method of training.

Amongst Sarah’s usual client base, Sarah works with special populations and people that have been on the receiving end of violence and need their confidence returned. She coaches them to increase their strength, this helps them deal with their problems and helps them return stronger and fitter mentally and physically.


Chris Mandac Kettlebellunion Trainer

Chris Mandac

Chris has qualified as a KBU Level II Kettlebell Instructor and is also a qualified REPS level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer.

His extensive diary is testament to popularity as a trainer. His knowledge is vast and approaches each client from the view point of flexibility for pain free movement. Once this is established then a solid foundation is set for what ever the client may require.

“I can train clients at home, outdoors, in the office or at a gym with minimal equipment. All you need is the will to want to change. I can also incorporate training tools such as Suspended Movement Training, Kettlebells, ViPR, Boxing conditioning, and many more to SCULPTURE your body to get FITTER, FUNCTIONAL, STRONGER and LEANER”


Steve Morgan Kettlebellunion

Steve Morgan

Steve is an RKC kettlebell, Premier Reps level 3 personal trainer and Primal Move Instructor.

Steve was raised in the sweat’n’ sawdust gyms of south wales by his bodybuilding father who went on to become a world champion. His enthusiasm for sport, fitness and desire for achievement saw steve become a county champion in rugby, swimming and athletics and now his sporting focus is martial arts, mainly brazilian jiujitsubut his other passion is not only staying strong and fit but healthy and injury free, so a big part of training is focused on corrective posture and movement, only then do you work……really…really hard.