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Kettlebell Courses | Foundation Level I

Kettlebell Courses – Level I

Feeling dissatisfied with your body, your general fitness or just feeling you need a new challenge?

Our kettlebell courses address all these things and more. We guarantee you’ll become stronger than you ever have before and learn about how your body functions in the process.

The Level I Foundation Kettlebell Courses is aimed at everybody that wishes to become stronger, leaner and have superior health and fitness.

The Level I Foundation Kettlebell Courses will help you progress from little or no knowledge of kettlebells to mastering and structuring your own personalised workouts in a safe and inspiring environment in only a few hours.

Kettlebell Course - Level 1What Will I learn?

Mobilization & Warm Ups

The course starts with teaching you the essential warm up and mobilization techniques to help you perform better in your main workout to prevent injury and to help reduce inflammation and tightness.

Kettlebell Fundamentals

You will learn the 5 fundamental kettlebell exercises essential to pass the Level I course. The exercises are the very foundation of kettlebell athletics. We are very focused on technique and each exercise will be covered in detail and broken down in its component parts. Every exercise will be covered in detail and dissected thoroughly ensuring you go away with expert knowledge, so you can help train yourselves and others.


You will learn the latest specific time saving kettlebell stretching methods for fast recovery. This helps improve the range of motion of your joints help you to perform better and keep you working out for years to come.

Also, muscle activation techniques will be covered throughout the Level I Foundation Kettlebell Courses for improved performance and as a bonus you will also be taught how to create custom workouts and programmes.

Kettlebell Course Itinerary
  1. Mobilization & Warm Up
  2. The Swing
  3. Clean
  4. Press
  5. Squat
  6. Turkish Get Up (TGU)
  7. Flexibility proticles
  8. Program Design – Learn how to create effective customised workouts
Who is the Level I Foundation Kettlebell Course for?

Everybody. The course is specifically aimed at those that are hungry for strength and longevity in life. Our Level I Foundation Kettlebell Courses are designed to inspire and teach you kettlebells properly. Kettlebells are very popular now, but we still maintain our standards. With over 10 years experience teaching and coaching kettlebells we will ensure you are taught in the correct way. The only way….the Kettlebellunion way. 

Is This Course For Personal Trainers too?Course_double_swing

This course is ideal for personal trainers wishing to learn the foundations of kettlebells. All our Kettlebell Courses will coach you through all of the foundation kettlebell exercises and you will be qualified to teach kettlebells are passing the Level I Foundation Kettlebell Course.

Kettlebell Course Level 1

Kettlebell Course Dates: February 16th 2014

£250 NOW £199 – 8 Places Only

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Kettlebell Course Location

Crossfit SE11, Arch 103, Tinworth Street, Vauxhall SE11 5EQ.

Start: 10.00am – 4.00pm  – All Courses

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Terms & Conditions

*Once payment is received for a workshop the payee understands that he/she is then committed to the course date. The Kettlebellunion employs the right to only refund 50% of workshop or course rate on any raised dispute or refund.

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