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Kettlebell Classes London


Forget the gym and start some training that will have you coming back for more. Our highly successful public kettlebell classes in London have been running since 2007.

Join the Kettlebellunion Classes TODAY and start improving your movement and increasing your strength.

The Kettlebellunion provide corporate fitness classes for businesses that care about the health of their work force We realise there is nothing more important than healthy motivated staff. Staff that participate in regular exercise are generally happier, healthier and are more productive. This results in fewer sick days costing business and industry less. We use kettlebells to train all our corporate clients. This is because they have such a good reputation of improving back and neck pain, strengthening backs, increasing flexibility and accelerating fitness faster and more efficiently than any other training method. Also, it’s fun. Our corporate clients have lots of fun and enjoy the corporate fitness classes, which is why they are so popular.

In 2011, 131 million working days were lost, with the most common causes being coughs, cold and flu, and back, neck and limb problems. – BBC News

Our trainers will organise everything for you. All you have to do is provide the office space or we can source a mutual training area outside in a public place. We will also provide all training equipment so the staff will just have to bring themselves. All of our trainers are fully insured with their own public liability up to £2 million. We take pride in keeping people safe from injury and providing a safe and environment in which to train